Facts about LED Light Bulbs

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the number of choices for bulbs in the lighting aisles has increased exponentially. In addition to the incandescent bulb we’ve all used for many years, you’ll now find a wide variety of CFL, energy-efficient halogen and LED light bulbs on the shelves.

LED light bulbs represent the latest innovation in home lighting technology. They can last up to 46 years (or 20,000 to 50,000 hours) and consume 85 percent less energy than the traditional incandescent bulb.

These new LED light bulbs come with lots of new terminology. Lumens indicates the brightness of the light bulb. Watts refers to the amount of energy the bulb uses. You’ll also see references to the light color, listed in kelvins (K).

Packaging on all of our light bulbs at The Home Depot includes a label that lists the bulb’s brightness, temperature, energy use and lifespan.

We created this short, easy-to-follow video to explain all the new vocabulary and to help you choose the LED bulbs that best suit your home lighting needs.

We have more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

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