How to Repot Orchids

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Phalaenopsis orchids, commonly known as “moth orchids,” are one of the most popular orchid varieties for growing indoors. They flourish under normal lighting conditions and indirect sunlight, often bloom twice a year for up to three months, and require minimal care. To keep them healthy and flowering on a regular basis, however, repotting orchids every other year is highly recommended.

To help you grow beautiful, more productive orchids for your home, we asked gardening expert Jen Scott, aka Grow2Girl from The Home Depot Community Forums, for her advice. In this short video, she explains how to choose the right pots for an orchid, how to repot an orchid using a phalaenopsis mix or sphagnam moss, and which fertilizers will keep them flowering at regular intervals. You’ll also learn how to propagate new orchids from cuttings taken from an existing orchid.

Viewing these tips will help you grow healthier orchids as well as spread natural color and beauty to just about any area of your home.

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