YouTube Thursdays: How To Set Up A Bird Feeder

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

The weather’s warming up and you’re outside relaxing in your backyard anyway, so why not let Mother Nature keep you entertained? Installing a bird feeder is an easy way to attract our feathered friends for hours of bird watching pleasure.

This video shows you everything you need to know to properly set up a bird feeder. It’ll teach you the safest and most comfortable place to hang it for visiting birds, as well as how high off the ground the feeder should be placed. You’ll also learn what type of adjustments to make to your feeder in case you have problems with squirrels in your yard, and how often to check it for insects and mold. Our expert associates on the How-To Community Forum can answer any other questions about choosing and installing your feeder. And offers lots of other bird and wildlife supplies like bird food, baths and houses.

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