Yard Clean Up: Leaves on the Lawn

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Yard clean up is a constant chore, and fallen leaves on the grass are one of the biggest yard messes. Those leaves on the lawn can result in withering or dead grass.  How many leaves you get on your lawn is ultimately up to the amount of trees near it. You may have to clean them up several times throughout the season.

Consider using a leaf blower to help speed up the job. Leaf blowers come in multiple varieties including gas-powered, electric-powered, cordless and backpack models. There are even dual-function blowers available. These blowers suck up the leaves and turn them into mulch, lessening the amount you would have to collect and bag by as much as 90 percent. These options will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on this project.

If you want to get a workout in while accomplishing this project, just put on your work gloves, and break out your rake. Just rake the leaves into manageable piles so you can easily dispose of them.

To make your bagging process easier, get a bag bone. This is made of a flexible material and helps hold a paper lawn bag open while you are filling it with leaves or other debris. Another option is a cardboard bag chute. Also available are wide lawn and leaf bags that are collapsible and have handles that make it easier for transport. Once you have removed the leaves, add them to your compost pile. They are a great addition and will add good nutrients to your soil in the spring.

If removing the leaves from your lawn isn’t an option, then run your lawnmower over them. This will cut them into much smaller pieces, which will essentially turn them into mulch. These smaller pieces will protect your lawn over the winter.

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