Wire Wreath Tutorial

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Follow the instructions in this wreath tutorial to make this unique wire wreath

The leaves and berries give this wreath a familiar, organic feel. The wire makes this wreath fun and unique. Just follow these simple, step-by-step instructions for your own wire wreath. You can download and print this DIY wreath tutorial, too.

Skill: Novice

Time: 3 hours

Cost: Less than $30

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Make the body of the wreath using 1/4-inch plywood. First, cut a circle 12 inches in diameter. Then, cut an inner circle that is 6 inches in diameter.

Spray paint the wooden ring.

Wreath Tutorial: Spray painting a plywood ring

Step 2

Run the 14 gauge wire in and around the entire wooden ring. You can space wire as wide or tight as you like.

Wreath Tutorial: Adding 14 guage wire to the plywood ring

Step 3

Thread the 5-foot strip of burlap with your 4-foot piece of wire.

Wreath Tutorial: Threading wire through a strip of burlap

Step 4

Creating small loops, place the wire on the back side of the wreath and secure every few inches with a heavy duty stapler.

Wreath Tutorial: Stapling the burlap strip to the plywood ring

Step 5

Take a piece of the 7 1/2-inch wire and create three large loops. Wrap the excess wire around the base of the three loops to secure the looped section. Secure the end of the looped section on the back of the wood ring with the stapler.

Continue to do the same with the remaining 7 1/2-inch wire pieces, adding looped sections of wire around the face of the wreath.

Wreath Tutorial: Creating large loops of wire for the wreath

Step 6

Accessorize the front of the wreath with leaves that have been spray painted. Attach them by wedging between the wire that is wrapped around the wooden ring.

Wreath Tutorial: Adding leaves and other decorative items to the wreath

Step 7

Add holiday picks to the wreath as you did the leaves. Finally, use a glue gun to secure the decorations permanently.

Wire Wreath Tutorial: Adding holiday picks to the wreath

Step 8

Display your unique new wreath on your front door.

Wreath Tutorial: A unique wreath made with wire

Download printable instructions for this Wire Wreath tutorial and get started!

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