In the Wild: We Heart Outdoors and Great Patio Decorating Ideas

Article Posted By: Chante LaGon

Patio Decorating Ideas: Image of a few plants and flowers planted alongside of house

We heart outdoors! And after taking a look at the photos our readers and Patio Style Challenge participants posted on Instagram using the #HeartOutdoors hashtag, clearly they do, too.

In this installment of our In The Wild series, we rounded up a few of our favorite photos that represent outdoor spaces and projects to make them better. You may even find a few patio decorating ideas that will make your outdoor space more enjoyable. All it takes is a few quick updates and a little bit of  decor inspiration.

Above: vegas928 on Instagram says, “Finished project. Snow white Indian Hawthorne, lantanas, Japanese boxwood and more! #yardwork #homedepot #heartoutdoors”

Patio Decorating Ideas: Image of spray painted bistro table

By cassiesugarplum on Instagram

Instagram user and Style Challenge participant cassiesugarplum says simply, “Spray paint, I love you. #5minutemakeover #definitelynotsnowinghere @homedepot #patiostylechallenge”

(Get more great ideas on updating your patio area by following the Style Challenge, which kicks off in April.)

Patio Decorating Ideas: Image of small globe lights hanging over a patio

By brittanymakes on Instagram

Brittany of the Brittany Makes blog (brittanymakes on Instagram) gives a sneak peek of her Patio Style Challenge, which clearly will include some bright ideas on making a patio a special space.

Image of pink flowers in Home Depot cart

By fabricpaperglue on Instagram

Patio Style Challenge participant fabricpaperglue says, “Got my plants for the #homedepot patio style challenge. Now to keep them alive until the shoot… #heartoutdoors #vscocam”

Image of planters filled with soil and oregano, parsley, chives and other herbs

By food4thoughtnyc on Instagram

“My very first indoor #herb garden!!” says food4thoughtnyc. “Really excited to watch my babies grow! :-) #green #gardening #organic #DIY #food #natural #plants #projects #spring”

Image of a Home Depot orange cart filled with primer

By hannahmaple on Instagram

hannamaple says about the challenge kickoff: “That orange cart can only mean one thing: patio overhaul for the @homedepot style challenge started today! #HeartOutdoors”

Black and white image of a baby swing on patio

By looklingerlove on Instagram

“Might have a hard time moving the table to the back patio once the kids figure out they can swing and dine… @homedepot #heartoutdoors,” says looklingerlove, who’s also participating in the challenge.

Image of a rain puddling on a painted deck

By hunted_interior on Instagram

“Dear Rain, I have no time for you. Please stop. Thx. #bloggeronadeadline #heartoutdoors,” says challenge participant hunted_interior.

Image of one small terra cotta pot inside a larger one

By eatdrinkshoplove on Instagram

eatdrinkshoplove says, “Just left @homedepot shopping for the style challenge! #heartoutdoors”

Image of two people shopping in the aisle of The Home Depot

By thecurtiscasa on Instagram

“Getting supplies for our #deckproject! Mom & Allen are hard at work. #heartoutdoors #sundaysathomedepot,” says challenge participant thecurtiscasa.

Download the Spring Style Guide for more wonderful ideas on how to get a fresh start in your home, both inside and out. While you’re at it, upload photos of what you love about your outdoor space using hashtag #HeartOutdoors on Instagram. And for all of your spring home improvement projects — from hooking up your patio to upgrading your grill to getting your garden ready — visit our Outdoor Department.

Do you have adorable, crazy or fun photos to share with us from your local Home Depot or of your latest Home Depot project? Just tag them with #homedepot on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, and we’ll look for you! Or leave us a message in the comment section. And check more of our In the Wild photos.

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