Clean House: Use An Electric Toothbrush for Cleaning Bathrooms

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

Use an electric toothbrush for bathroom cleaning

Q: When cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing the little crevices is one of my least favorite things on earth. What to do?

A: Grab a bathroom cleaner—any one will do, but this tactic is especially useful with a anti-bacterial micro-abrasive bathroom cleaner—and then pick up a cheap electric toothbrush at a dollar store. You can also use an old one that you’ve used a disinfectant or bleach to clean.

After wiping down the countertop, apply the cleaner directly to the toothbrush. Turn it on and let the whirring motion do the scrubbing for you. This works especially well around a bathroom sink and in other places where two surfaces come together.

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