Upright vs. Chest: Which Deep Freezer Is Right For You?

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Most (if not all) of us have heard the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper wasted its time during the warm months while the ant worked tirelessly to store food for the winter. Oh the virtue of hard work and saving!

Even in the real world, it’s always smart to take the road of the ant and build up your food stores. If you have a garden with field peas, collards, squash and other vegetables, you can reap the fruits of your labor for months to come. If you hunt deer, rabbit, duck and other game, you can store delectable meats for months of main courses.

About the only concern you’ll have is where to store the harvest. Maytag provides the answer with its selection of deep freezers available now at The Home Depot.

Maytag freezers come in two styles – chest and upright. Here are some things to consider prior to making a freezer purchase:


Where will the deep freezer reside? If it will be placed in the kitchen, an upright freezer may fit better with your kitchen design. If a utility room, garage or porch is the area of placement, a chest freezer might be best.


How much space is available for the deep freezer? An upright freezer is better for narrower spaces. Rooms with limited vertical space are more accommodating of chest freezers.

Storage Capacity

How much are you trying to store in your deep freezer? If you are storing a lot of food, you’ll want a deep freezer with a good amount of storage capacity. If you prefer sectional storage, consider an upright freezer.

Energy Efficiency

No matter what freezer style is the ideal one for your needs, make sure it is an energy-efficient model. All Maytag freezers sold at The Home Depot are high efficiency.

Remember to be smart like the ant and not waste those vegetables! Even if you bought them from a grocer, store them in a deep freezer. Also, many grocery stores offer great prices and deep discounts on meat variety packages. Between meats, fruits and vegetables, your new Maytag freezer will be full in no time. Visit homedepot.com to browse a wide assortment of Maytag freezers now!

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