Unusual Gift Wrapping Ideas for Men

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Several examples of unusual gift wrapping ideas

Unusual gift wrapping ideas can say as much as the present itself. And it’s usually not that hard to “say” something with pretty gift wrap. When giving a gift to a man, often it takes a little something extra to make that statement. That’s what I was thinking when I came up with these unusual gift wrapping ideas with unexpected materials. Of course, anyone can enjoy receiving a present that has what you might call out-of-the-box wrapping (even if there is a box involved), so try these gift wrapping ideas yourself, and see what other crazy ideas you can come up with.


The challenge of solving a puzzle can be a lot of fun! That’s why I wondered what would happen if I wrapped a Dremel Rotary Tool Kit (a tool that Home Depot associate Jay Harris described as a must-have for DIYers and crafters) in plain builders paper and a bike lock. You can’t open up your tool until you guess the combination, which you can pre-set. Maybe it’s your anniversary date, the day you met, or your favorite pet name? It’s your loved one’s challenge to guess the winning combination!

Extreme Gift Wrapping ideas for tools

Use a bike lock to test your Valentine's skills


Wrapping an unusually shaped gift item, like a pull saw, can be tricky. But with a tarp and some rope, you can make it happen. I cut a piece of the tarp to size, wrapped it around the saw, and secured it with some camouflage rope. For someone who loves to get outdoors and go hiking, hunting, or fishing, camouflage is an easy win!

Wrap a pull saw in a tarp and camouflage rope

Wrap a pull saw in a tarp and camouflage rope


At first glance it may look like a simple package wrapped in paper and twine, but if your recipient is someone who loves a good knot, he’ll know it’s a Celtic Knot!

Wrap a gift with a Celtic Knot


For the race car-obsessed, how about the idea of incorporating the iconic checkered racing flag into the gift wrapping? With a couple of rolls of duct tape (red and checked) and some plain paper, I wrapped up this handy 11-in-1 Milwaukee Screwdriver, a favorite tool of Home Depot associate Eileen Claar.

Tip: Before wrapping a gift with duct tape, first wrap it in paper to protect the original packaging, just in case the recipient wants to return the item!

Wrap a screwdriver set in duct tape

Race car-inspired duct tape gift wrap

Race car-inspired duct tape gift wrap


If your recipient loves to get outdoors and go camping, tear up a trail, or even just log some hours doing yard work, perhaps he (or she!) is the perfect candidate for this camping-inspired gift wrapping idea!

Using a plain blue tarp and a tarp zipper, we zipped up one of our favorite gifts, the RIGID JobMax 3-Amp Multi Tool Starter Kit, which Home Depot associate Ken Allender considers one of the most versatile tools you can buy!

This gift is also a blast to unwrap! For our step-by-step instructions for wrapping this handy present, read this how-to.

Camping-inspired gift wrapping idea

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