In The Wild: More Unique Uses For Home Depot Buckets

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Unique Uses For Home Depot Buckets: Holding Apples

Here at The Home Depot we know that Homer Buckets are not only incredibly useful, but also an DIY icon to people across the country. You’re probably wondering why we always seem to have these orange buckets on our mind. The answer is just as simple as the bucket itself! We want to make everyone aware of the extraordinariness that is the orange bucket. So check out this behind the scenes look at all the unique ways people are using their Home Depot buckets.

Above: It’s not your average day at the office. Our friends at Ryobi use an orange Home Depot bucket to bob for apples!

So it looks like we’re having flapjacks for breakfast… forever… “[We] made THE LARGEST batch of pancake batter I’ve ever seen, plus eggs, plus bacon. Best Tech Sunday breakfast EVER,” says x0_showmelove on Flickr.

Well isn’t this just a bucket o’ sunshine! Consider using inexpensive Home Depot buckets as temporary containers for water.

“Eucalyptus galore. T-3 days. Or in Home Depot’s words #LetsDoThis #101213.” says @evanny about wedding preparations on Instagram.

Looking for easy garage or shed storage? Look no more! @johnny_chops on Instagram says, “Great way to organize and store long extension cord. #HomerBucket #ShopTip #ExtensionCord #Garage #DIY #Organized.”

Saturday night = movie + all the popcorn. You won’t have to fight for the last kernel when using this popcorn bowl!

“My co-worker found it on the side of the road so decided to bring it to work! LOL #turtle #bigturtle#poorturtle #orangebucket #HomeDepot #work#coworker #toohotoutside #garden #keephercool#planking #lols,” says @queen_love_or_no_love on Instagram.

Check out this flower shop in O’ahu, Hawaii that uses Home Depot buckets to hold their flowers! “Finally got a gutter and they built a wall with some shelves for the flower buckets,” says @suddlesworth on Instagram.

Buckets are also an artist’s best friend. When you have to carry art supplies…have no fear! The Home Depot bucket does the job.

Unique Uses For Home Depot Buckets: Holding Recently Caught Fish

By William Rawley

Salmon fishing never looked better! Check out this fisherman’s bucket on the Snohomish River in Washington State.

Have you spotted a Homer Bucket? Perhaps you’ve used one in your latest Home Depot project or have even seen them being used by others “in the wild.” Share them with us by tagging them with #LetsDoThis on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr! Or leave us a message in the comment section. And check more of our In the Wild photos.

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