Top Grilling Recipes on Our Grilling Board on Pinterest

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Top Grilling Recipes: A California Burger with guacamole mayonaise

California Burger with Guacamole Mayonnaise

The grilling recipes are the most popular part of The Home Depot’s Grills & Outdoor Cooking board on Pinterest. It’s no wonder; one of the joys of grilling is dazzling your family and guests with amazing feats of outdoor cooking prowess. Always having a new, awesome recipe up your sleeve is one way to keep the compliments coming.

Many of our grilling recipe pins might be a bit unusual or have an intriguing and unexpected ingredient — e.g. the guava jelly in the Caribbean Baby Back Ribs with Guava Glaze.

But what are the most popular recipe pins on the Grills & Outdoor Cooking Pinterest board?

This isn’t a scientific survey, but based merely on the number of repins and likes, it appears that a grilling recipe doesn’t have to be exotic to catch the eye of Pinterest surfers.

As this review is being written, the grilling recipe with by far the most repins is actually kind of mundane. It’s a recipe for The Best Hamburger Seasoning from The Budget Savvy Diva. The recipe calls for paprika, black pepper, dark brown sugar, and what might be the not-so-secret ingredient that makes this seasoning work: cayenne pepper. It’s simple and inexpensive to put together, and if some of the reader comments are accurate, it sounds like it packs a pleasant punch.

Coming in a distant second and third in terms of repinning popularity are recipes from Weber Grills.

It’s pretty obvious why Weber’s California Burgers with Guacamole Mayonnaise recipe would be popular with Pinterest surfers — the guacamole mayonnaise. Seriously, how could you not want to see what that’s about? It turns out to be pretty simple, really. The recipe says to mash a peeled Haas avocado with two tablespoons of mayo. Then you add some chopped cherry tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and lime juice. But there’s an ingredient not mentioned in the title of the recipe that might be what puts this in its own league — you mix poblano chile peppers into the hamburger meat before grilling. Check the recipe to see how to cook the peppers before mixing them in.

Weber’s Triple Play Barbecued Chicken intriguingly calls for lemon lime soda (not diet!) in the barbecue sauce. Add a little whole-grain mustard, and you’re on your way to a tasty sauce, indeed. The recipe also describes how to use hickory wood chips to give the chicken a little bit of a smokey flavor.

Also among the top recipes on our Pinterest board is one from a foodie blog with the totally awesome title The Girl Who Ate Everything. It’s a tasty-looking recipe for Hawaiian Grilled Chicken. Be forewarned: The recipe calls for chicken thighs, not wings or drumsticks. Thighs kind of get a bad rap, though. As Christy, who writes The Girl Who Ate Everything, says, “Don’t be a chicken thigh hater. I used to be but really the chicken does not soak up the marinade unless you use thighs.” And, yes, there’s a secret ingredient here, too. It’s coconut milk added to the marinade.

That’s where our recipe hit parade stands as of right now. But be on the lookout for more grilling recipes that would be a good addition to your grilling repertoire.

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