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The Home Depot has been getting a terrific response from our free Do-It-Herself Workshops, held every month in Home Depot stores across the country. We’ve asked some of our favorite DIY and home improvement bloggers to participate, guest hosting the workshops in select cities.

Sarah, the talent behind  Thrifty Decor Chickhas been blogging about thrifty home decor and DIY projects at since 2008. Sarah is always very encouraging to anyone interested in using their own two hands to make their home better. Here, she tells us how she turned a staircase into a centerpiece for her lovely home decor… and the courage it took to tackle the project.  

I haven’t had any special training, just a desire to make my home beautiful without paying someone to do it all for me! Through a lot of research, practice, and some not-so-great DIY projects, I’ve come a long way over the years and learned a lot.

I find it’s all about trying – getting that courage to do something you’ve never done. I think you’d be surprised at the results! But believe me, my first attempts were not perfect. Actually most of my latest work still isn’t perfect, but it’s little stuff no one would notice.

One of my favorite projects I’ve ever done in our home was on our staircase transformation. We built our home and had carpet put on the stairs:

Blogger and host of Do-It-Herself Workshops at The HomeDepot's Carpeted staircase before picture

But for years I dreamt of beautiful wood stairs with painted risers and stained treads like those I saw in the magazines. I was lucky that our builder used nice, rounded treads on our stairs, which was half the battle.

After years of dreaming, one day I decided to just go for it, and started pulling the carpet off the stairs:

Pic 2Thrifty Decor Chick: Do-It-Herself Workshops at The Home Depot - Staircase with carpet removed

Yes, I was nervous, and no, I wasn’t sure what I would do if this didn’t work the way I had envisioned.

It took a few days of pulling up carpet (I found that part to actually be fun), the padding, and then the tedious job of each and every staple:

Blogger and host of Do-It-Herself Workshops at The HomeDepot, Thrifty Decor Chick removing staples from stair treads with adjustable pliers

That part was NOT so fun.

There was a lot of overspray on the stairs from the building process, so my father-in-law helped me get that sanded off:

Blogger and host of Do-It-Herself Workshops at The HomeDepot, Thrifty Decor Chick’s bare staircase with carpeting removed

It actually took very little stain to finish off all the stairs, and I quickly learned the trick to work on every other step so you could still get up and down the stairs (very carefully):

Blogger and host of Do-It-Herself Workshops at The HomeDepot, Thrifty Decor Chick’s freshly stained and painted staircase

We installed really inexpensive pine boards on the landing and stained those as well:

Blogger and host of Do-It-Herself Workshops at The HomeDepot, Thrifty Decor Chick’s staircase landing with natural, unstained pine planks

When all was said and done we ended up with a beautiful stair case that is my pride and joy!:

Blogger and host of Do-It-Herself Workshops at The HomeDepot's painted staircase with stained treads and landing

Would you believe this whole transformation only cost me about $50? I had so many of the supplies already (like the tools to take off the carpet and the paint for all the risers), and the additional supplies were inexpensive (like the boards we used on the landing).

Even though I had done my research, tackling this project was still a gamble – but it turned out to be so worth the work and time. Not all projects turn out like I hope, but the ones that do make it so worth it!

Thanks, Sarah! Sarah lives in central Indiana with her amazingly supportive husband, six-year-old son and her 22-year-old stepdaughter. Her blog, Thrifty Decor Chick, is all about decorating on a budget and empowering women to tackle DIY projects on their own as well. 

Stop by your local Home Depot store for a FREE Do-It-Herself Workshop on February 21, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This month attendees will learn how to add a decorative tile frame to bathroom mirrors. Sarah will be the guest host at the Workshop that day at store store #2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Check out our Do-It-Herself Workshops page online for the latest information. We’d love to see you at a Do-It-Herself Workshop at the Home Depot store nearest you.  

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