The Home Depot’s eGift Card: Right on Time Thoughtfullness

Article Posted By: Craig Allen

of Senior Editor, The Home Depot Blog

The Home Depot is all about convenience and value, and that includes our many gift-giving options. Nothing is more convenient than our increasingly popular online eGift Cards. In fact, we’re mighty pleased that business research firm Retail Systems Research (RSR) has cited The Home Depot’s eGift card one of the best you can buy

Digital gifting is a convenient way to send a thoughtful gift to a friend, loved one or business acquaintance. They get more popular every year. They’re easy to order, you choose when they will be delivered (including within hours if it’s a last-minute gift) and the recipients have several options on how to redeem them.

An e-gift card is like the credit card shaped gift cards you can buy at The Home Depot and other locations — except that it’s delivered to the recipient electronically. With The Home Depot’s eGift Cards, you can choose to send them via email, or even to the recipient’s Facebook page.

Retail Systems Research particularly cited our eGift Card’s personalization options in praising our gift card. We provide several clever, whimsical and meaningful images to use on the gift card, appropriate for just about any occasion, including weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, to reward a job well done, or to thank a veteran for his or her service.

But you can make it truly personal by designing your own gift card, using your own photo or even including a short video. Use a family photo for a Christmas gift card or take a photo of the new house to display on a housewarming eGift Card. Or gather the family around the computer and shoot a video of you singing Happy Birthday. The possibilities are endless, and will make your eGift Card one-of-a-kind.

It’s fun checking out the supplied images, or uploading photos of your own. Give it a try! Just go to the eGift Card page at The Home Depot eGift Cards are even available on our nifty iPhone app.

And if you’d rather send a regular gift card, you can purchase those online, too, and we’ll mail it for you. These also give you several options, including personalizing with your own photo and message, and a number of mailing options. Go to our main Gift Card page to order yours now.

All gift cards from The Home Depot come with no fees, no expiration and are redeemable online or in stores. See? Value and convenience!