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We’re thrilled to have Jocie Hagan of  The Better Half, share her succulent garden ideas with us. Her blog-within-a-blog at One Project Closer (OPC) is all about thrifty and fabulous DIY decor and crafts. And there’s definitely a crafty element to this clever miniature succulent garden project– it’s a garden inside a mason jar. Read on for the complete DIY tutorial.

Succulent Garden Ideas: A miniature succulent garden in a Mason jar

Confession time: I don’t garden. Ever. In fact, when The Home Depot asked me to participate in the Do-It-Herself Workshop series by sharing my succulent garden ideas, I had to look up what a succulent was. *shame* But once I figured out what a succulent was, I was super excited to make a garden with my own special twist.

Succulents are right up my gardening alley – they require little water or attention, are bright and hearty, and are easy to plant. They are hard to kill, and for this black thumb gardener, that is all that matters!

Succulent Garden Ideas: Succulents on display

Supplies Needed:

After collecting my supplies at my local Big Orange, this was a super quick (but cute) gardening project.

Step 1: Build the Wooden Jar Holder

Did you know The Home Depot will cut your wood for you!? How great is that?

I picked out a piece of 1×10″ Poplar and asked a friendly guy in an orange apron to cut the wood to 18 inches for me. Once home, I lightly sanded the wood to remove any rough edges. Then, I cut a centered hole about 3 inches from the top for the knob.

Next, I stained the wood with my favorite Dark Walnut stain, and once dry, finished it with matte finish polyurethane.

Wood stain for the hanging structure - succulent garden ideas

Once it was completely dry, I screwed the knob into place.

Wooden mason jar holder with knob - succulent garden ideas

Step 2: Create a Twine Hanger

Twine tied to mason jar terrarium - succulent garden ideas

Using an old mason jar I had lying around and some twine (or rope), I wrapped the twine around the opening of the jar many, many times.

Close-up of twine knotted around mason jar for succulent garden - succulent garden ideas

I knotted both ends on one side. Then, I wrapped more twine, and knotted it on the other side, finally bringing both sides above to tie in a knot, then bow.

This is a simple and rustic way to hang the mason jar.

Step 3: Fill the jar

I began to create my garden after picking bunches of succulents and cacti from the Garden Center at The Home Depot. Obviously, I went a little crazy since all I really needed were three tiny succulents!

Then, I put a thick layer of Spanish moss at the bottom of the jar. The moss compacts a good bit, so I put more in than I thought I needed.

Spanish moss in mason jar terrarium - succulent garden ideas

I then added a layer of rocks. The rocks are important because they allow the soil to drain any excess water, since succulents and cacti need very little water.

Adding rocks to mason jar - succulent garden ideas

Next, I added a loose layer of potting soil, inserting the succulents (and little cactus) into that layer.

Adding a loose layer of soil to mason jar - succulent garden ideas

Mason jar with moss rocks and soil - succulent garden ideas

Adding succulents to prepped mason jar - succulent garden ideas

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!

The mason jar was quite heavy, so we were sure to use a heavy duty drywall anchor and hung the succulent garden where it would not easily be bumped by passing friends.

Complete mason jar succulent garden mounted to wall - succulent garden ideas

Close up of mason jar succulent garden from top - succulent garden ideas

Close up of mason jar succulent garden from side - succulent garden ideas

Thanks, Jocie! Jocie lives in Baltimore with her husband, Ethan and two young daughters. Ethan runs One Project Closer (OPC), a site dedicated to providing free guides to help you DIY like the pros. You’ll see more of Jocie’s DIY tutorials on The Better Half, the craftier part of One Project Closer.

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