4 Staples of Cottage Kitchens

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Four Staples of Cottage Kitchens

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in the coming months, then you’ve probably been researching styles and various decorative elements that you could put into your new space. In today’s installment of Inspired, we pulled together a few of our favorite kitchen design elements for cottage kitchens, one of the more popular styles for this hardworking space.


An apron-front sinks, or farmhouse sinks, are a growing trend, and they can be found in all styles of kitchens, from more contemporary to traditional. Their look, however, is indicative of rural, cottage kitchens. We love the way their glossy apron front has a nostalgic feel, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of these in your space inspired you to start canning or home-baking pies!

Open shelving is a resurgent trend in kitchen design — not only does it make meal prep and unloading the dishwasher super simple, it also displays your dishes beautifully and creates a more casual feel in a kitchen.

The warmth and attitude a butcher block countertop brings to a space works perfectly with the casual air of a cottage kitchen. Plus, we love the way that a warm wood compliments painted cabinetry!

Bin pulls have a nostalgic feel because they often remind us of an old mercantile or general store. That makes them a fantastic vintage-inspired accent in a cottage kitchen.

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