Spring Garden Project: Vertical Garden

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of The Home Depot

Woman setting up a beautiful vertical garden

Create a vertical garden to brighten up your space

A vertical garden is all the rage—from the creative use of shoe organizers as planters to our simple space-saving herb garden, propped up on lattice and great for the apartment dweller. The team at The Home Depot has put together a stunning vertical garden project that is perfect for the crafty DIYer who wants to create an outdoor showpiece that will get people talking. It’s a vertical garden that’s essentially a hanging flower box.

This project is broken down into four parts:

Assembling the bed

Adding a French cleat to the back for hanging

Assembling the frame

Creating an irrigation system and planting a wonderful, colorful garden

NOTE: The final planted bed will need to settle for two to three weeks before hanging it upright, so plan accordingly for the party you’ll have to show off this unusual and beautiful vertical flower box.

Be prepared for some handiwork with this living hanging flower bed. Get an idea of the materials you’ll need and steps you’ll take in this Vertical Garden video, then print out these detailed instructions, including a list of items needed, before you head into your local Home Depot store. Check out our Garden Center page for all the supplies you’ll need.

Colorful flowers are being added to a vertical garden project

The original PDF of this project had one measurement slightly off: The 1”x 6” wood should be cut at 15 inches not 18 inches. Please see the instructions in our forums for the updated measurements.

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