Spring Garden Project: Create an Island Bed in Your Yard

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A colorful island bed in a yard

Spruce up your yard with a little island spirit. No, we don’t meant the Caribbean blue kind of island. We’re talking about adding an island bed to your yard that will transform your green space with shape and color.

Check out the steps below then print out these detailed instructions to take to your local Home Depot store. Still not quite sure where to begin? Before you dig in, join the conversation on our community forums or get some visual know-how from this island bed how-to video.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Garden hose

Powdered chalk

Variety of plants and flowers

Landscape edging



Garden soil

Define the shape and size. A garden hose is a handy tool that will help you visualize not only the shape of your island bed but also its size. Use powdered chalk to create a template from which to work.

Prep the site. Dig out existing turf and break up the soil to allow for new plantings. You can till the removed turf into the soil or place it grass-side down to provide natural compost. The tilling can be hard work. Renting a tiller from The Home Depot is not a bad idea, if you don’t have one in the garage. Do not mound the soil, since the varying heights of the plants will create a natural cascade.

Edge the bed. To add contrast and protect your plants from weeds consider surrounding the bed with edging, such as marble chips, plastic landscape edging or color-enhanced mulch.

Plant the bed. Place the tallest plants or shrubs in the center of your bed and surround with shorter plants of varying color and texture. Consult the plant tag to determine how closely to space the plants. Add another layer of garden soil, if necessary.

Add some mulch. Protect your plants from weeds, create texture and add some visual pop by adding a layer of color-enhanced mulch or pinestraw. Sit back and watch your neighbors gawk.

Island bed project flowers

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