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Martha Stewart Living 9-Cube Organizer

Martha Stewart Living 9-Cube Organizer

It’s hard to imagine a space that depends more on good storage solutions than a small bedroom shared by two siblings. Storage was indeed the centerpiece of the advice Home Depot associate Eileen Claar had for a couple whose two young sons had to share a room for a time after moving to a new city.

Eileen wrote about how to help siblings share a room on our online How-To Community Forums.

She explains that to complicate matters a little, the older brother was in elementary school, and the younger boy was a toddler still in diapers — two ages with two very different sets of needs. But Eileen came up with a plan that would give the older child a little independence, but keep the shared bedroom toddler-friendly.

“Big brother has a loft bed with study desk and chair underneath,” Eileen writes. “He can do his homework at his desk. His student light is safely secured behind the deck so little brother won’t put him in the dark! He can then pull down and crawl up his ladder to go to bed.”

Eileen suggested placing the toddler’s crib and dressing table on the other side of the room from Big Brother’s loft bed. This creates a physical space between them, and, at least for the older boy, a sense of autonomy from his often pesky little brother.

In the middle of the room, in neutral territory, as it were, Eileen suggested a shared storage solution in the form of the Stackable Nine-Cube Organizer from Martha Stewart Living. “The unit has nine cubbies for storage and can hold color-coordinated fabric drawers,” Eileen explains. “A bookcase or shelving unit could also be used with boxes and fabric-lined baskets for storing odd-shaped items and plushy toys. Little Brother can play with the items on the lower shelves, while Big Brother can have some independence with the higher shelves.”

The Martha Stewart Cube Organizers also come in six-cube models, which can be combined with the nine-cube model for additional storage. In addition, you can add colorful fabric-covered drawers to fit into the cubbies. In the photo above, you see the fabric drawers in Laguna Blue and Brown.

Eileen has more to say about setting up the room for the two young boys, including some safety issues to look for. Take a look at her short article on the Forums.

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