11 Places to Hang Christmas Wreaths in Your Home

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A Christmas wreath hangs in a window above a bed

Wreaths are a Christmas classic, and they add festive cheer wherever you hang them in your home. This year, experiment with hanging Christmas wreaths throughout your home, rather than just on your front door!

1. Hang a Christmas Wreath Above Your Bed

Sugarplums will dance in your head if you hang a wreath over your bed or headboard. It’s also a fun way to spread some holiday cheer into the more personal spaces around your home.

A diptych of photos showing a Christmas wreath hanging in a window above a bed

 2. Hang a Christmas Wreath From Your Chandelier

In her Style Challenge post about decorating the dining room for Christmas, guest blogger Kristin of The Hunted Interior tied a wreath to her chandelier with beautiful turquoise ribbons, creating a glamorous focal point in this entertaining space.

A Christmas wreath trimmed in blue hangs from a chandelier in a dining room

3. Incorporate a Christmas Wreath Into a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a popular way of adding a bit of drama to a room, and what better way to give this focal point a dose of festive cheer than by working a Christmas wreath into your collection of treasured artwork?

A Christmas wreath hangs on a gallery wall in a beautiful home

4. Hang a Christmas Wreath in a Window (on the inside!)

It’s customary to hang wreaths in windows facing the bustling street, but why not hang a wreath in the window inside your home? In her Holiday Style Challenge article about creating a beautiful Christmas table, guest blogger Erin of House of Earnest hung a berry wreath in each of the windows in her dining room, creating a beautiful silhouette!

A Christmas wreath hangs in window inside a beautiful home

5. Use a Christmas Wreath to Make a Snowy Centerpiece

We showed you how to use a wreath to make a beautiful centerpiece for either a coffee table, dining table, or even a kitchen island!

A wreath serves as a centerpiece on a coffee table

6. Hang a Christmas Wreath Over a Mirror

Two of the guest contributors in our Holiday Style Challenge series hung their Christmas wreaths over mirrors! By layering either an ornamental wreath (like Bryn!) or a traditional green wreath (like Kate!) over a large mirror, you can double the drama!

A Christmas wreath hangs in front of a mirror over a beautifully decorated matel

A Christmas wreath hangs in front of a mirror over a mantel decorated for the holidays

 7. Hang a Christmas Wreath Over the Kitchen Sink

In a bustling holiday home, you’re likely to log a lot of time at the kitchen sink. Make it a cozy space to spend time by adding a Christmas wreath!

A wreath is displayed over a kitchen sink

8. Hang a Christmas Wreath on Your Garage Door!

Don’t stop at the front door. Why not hang a wreath on your garage door as well? We love this idea from Pamela of PB&J Stories, who contributed an article showing us her Christmas décor ideas for the front door.

A Christmas wreath is displayed on a garage door

 9. Hang a Christmas Wreath on a Bookshelf!

We love the way our guest blogger Emily of Emily A. Clark: design. simplified. styled a wreath on her bookshelf to create an eclectic, layered look.

A Christmas wreath hangs in front of a bookshelf

10. Hang a Christmas Wreath Over a Refreshments Bar

You may not set up a hot chocolate bar in your home for the holidays, but we love the way Katie of Modern Eve created an instant focal point by hanging a wreath over her bar! How cheery!

A Christmas wreath hangs over a refreshments bar

11. Hang a Christmas Wreath Over Your Sofa

Enjoy the familiar smell of Fraser Fir while you’re curled up watching Christmas movies by hanging a festive wreath behind your sofa!

A Christmas wreath hangs in a window over a sofa

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