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Patio Dining Set Center of Stunning Deck Makeover

A bright, well-appointed backyard deck makes spending time outside so much more enjoyable. Mallory Fitzsimmons of the blog Charming in Charlotte used a Home Depot patio dining set as the starting point for her new backyard deck idea that’s full of bright and bold color and clever ways to ensure a little bit of privacy.

This is Mallory’s contribution to our Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent Mallory the patio dining set, and let her take it from there. Read on for her gorgeous decorating ideas to inspire your own backyard deck makeover.

Stunning Backyard Deck Ideas

If there ever were a truly blank (and ugly) canvas to paint on it would be our backyard deck. It’s one of the spaces of our home that has been truly neglected and for no good reason other than we just haven’t gotten around to it. I jumped for joy when Home Depot asked me to participate in this Patio Style Challenge, and knew that it was the perfect time to capitalize on this outdoor space.

It may not look like it from the before photo below (cringing that I even have to show you guys!), but we actually really like our deck. Our home backs up to a beautiful tree line and our backyard faces southwest, so we catch some really beautiful Carolina sunsets. It’s a large space and the perfect size for entertaining, so we just needed to define it and make it functional.

Mallory's deck before its makeover

The backyard deck had become a mish-mosh of hand-me-down furniture, and it just didn’t feel like our own, thus making us never have any desire to be out there.

The Patio Dining Set

As you can see the deck is long and fairly narrow, so I chose the Hampton Bay Barnsdale Teak Dining Set  for its modern, clean lines that would compliment the space. I love that it’s made of powder-coated aluminum and certified teak wood, so this is truly is a patio dining set that we will have and enjoy for many many years to come.

A gorgeous deck with a patio dining set, privacy curtains, vertical garden and propane grill

A floral centerpiece on a patio dining set on a gorgeously decorated backyard deck

A gorgeous back deck with a Hampton Bay patio dining set, privacy curtains, rail planter boxes and string lights

Along the far side of the backyard deck, we also added adjustable window boxes (painted white) and filled them with our favorite seasonal flowers. It’s a great way to add in pops of color throughout.

DIY Privacy Curtains

One thing that I wanted to do was to define the space and make it a cozy and inviting area to entertain. We do live in a neighborhood, so sometimes it feels like you’re on a stage and not in the privacy of your own home when you’re out on the backyard deck. At the same time, I wanted to also add ambient lighting and not completely block the view of our pretty tree line.

Keep in mind we have a pretty strict HOA that doesn’t allow for permanent additions or structures to be added to your deck without formal approval. Since we didn’t have the time to go through that process, our idea for the backyard deck was to add a completely removable system (with the exception of the support beams, which are simply screwed in) that gave us everything we needed…lighting, privacy, and definition.

DIY privacy curtains and string lights surround a beautifully decorated patio

DIY privacy curtains that set up and fold away in minutes, on a beautifully decorated backyard deck

We took 2-in. x 6-in. pieces of untreated wood, cut 90-degree angles in them on one end and drilled 1½-ft. holes in the other, painted them with a protective and weather resistant paint + primer by Behr, and then screwed them into the existing decking with 90-degree hinges.

Through the top, we threaded through PVC pipe (simply primed + painted gold), from them we also hung Martha Stewart Living sheers, and finally attached screw hooks to the front of the supports, which is how we strung the outdoor string lights.

The entire thing can be assembled and taken down within five minutes, so it’s perfect to throw together for last-minute guests.

String lights, sheer curtains and flowers on a beautifully decorated patio

Mason jars hold colorful flowers as the centerpiece on an outdoor dining table

Herbs in a Simple DIY Vertical Garden

On the other side we wanted to create a functional feature wall that also added some additional privacy. We came up with this vertical herb garden that was so easy to create.

Materials needed for a DIY vertical garden

Herbs growing in a DIY vertical garden

We used a pre-fab trellis (primed and painted), cut it down to size and screwed it into the existing decking.

I then found some cool metal pails, painted them gold, lined them with plastic sheeting, and planted my favorite herbs in them.

I attached some cup hooks into the trellis and was able to simply hang the herb buckets there for a great vertical herb garden and privacy feature.

It’s also perfect over the new grill as we are able to simply pick our favorite herbs to throw on the grill with fresh veggies!

Patio Dining Set Center of Stunning Deck Makeover

Backyard Deck Sitting Area

The left side of the backyard deck became a sweet little sitting area, flanked by two hanging ferns. The bench was a hand-me-down from my parents, so I decided to freshen it up with some bright blue spray paint. Our daughter loves to come sit out on the bench and admire “her flowers.”

A repainted bench and outdoor rug create a sitting area on a decorated backyard deck

An adorable outdoor sitting area

It’s only been a few weeks since we’ve completed our backyard deck idea, and it’s truly amazing how many times we’ve already entertained our friends in the space and dined alfresco with just our little family. It’s truly become a space that’s our own, reflects our personality and is one we are proud of.

Patio Dining Set Center of Stunning Deck Makeover

Gorgeous nighttime scene on a redecorated backyard deck with a patio dining table

Thanks to The Home Depot for allowing us to take part in this challenge, it was a total blast!

See more photos of Mallory’s Patio Style Challenge on her blog.

Mallory Fitzsimmons lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and young daughter. She started Charming in Charlotte as a way to document their cross-country move. It’s now her creative outlet where she shares DIY, design, decor and style tips, tricks and inspiration.

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