Painting Tips: Patch Holes Before Painting Drywall

Article Posted By: Caroline Inge

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Painting Tip: Patch Holes in Wall Before Painting

This may seem like a no brainer, but when you’re painting drywall, it really is one of the ways to make your new paint job look more professional. It only takes a couple of minutes to go around the room and patch nail holes, but it will leave you with the best paint finish on your walls.

Here’ s how to patch a hole in drywall. Using a putty knife and spackling paste, first fill the hole with paste. With the flat end of the knife, smooth over the putty to be sure it completely fills the hole and also scrape the excess putty from the wall. Scrape as much spackling paste as you can from the wall without disturbing the filled hole. Wait for the paste to fully cure before sanding.

We used DAP Crackshot Spackling Paste, a Husky putty knife, and a sanding sponge to get the job done.

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