Painting Tips: Paint Roller Extension Pole

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Painting Tips | The Best Paint Roller Extension Pole

We probably don’t need to describe to you why you need a paint roller extension pole — doesn’t this photo do all the explaining? But what we do need to explain is why you need a good one.

An adjustable extension pole is best because you can go from extending the full 60 inches to paint right up against your crown moulding or your ceiling, or you can pull it down to the 30-inch extension with just the click of a button. You’ll also want a very lightweight frame, which is much easier to hold for long periods of time. Oh, and don’t forget a good grip. Above, we used the Shur-Line Easy Reach 60 in. Adjustable Extension Pole, which features a comfortable grip, again ideal for long periods of painting. So, here’s your tip:

Invest in a good adjustable extension pole to speed up the painting process and to make that time spent rolling on your new favorite shade less of a chore. Look for an extension pole that’s light, easy to adjust, and has a good grip — you’ll thank us in the end!

Browse our selection of extension poles to find the right pole for your next project.

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