Painting Tip: Use Rosin Paper Instead of a Drop Cloth

Article Posted By: Caroline Inge

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Painting Tip: Keep Stains off of floors with rosin paper

Anyone who’s painted a room will know that protecting your hardwood floors or carpeting against paint drips is a very important precaution. Putting down a drop cloth does the job, but drop cloths can be a pain as they tend to move and get rumpled when you move buckets of paint and ladders. Taping down rosin paper is a great alternative to using a drop cloth. Rosin paper features a moisture barrier that contracts tend to use with landscaping, roofing, and plumbing projects.

When taped securely to your floor and the bottom of your woodwork, rosin paper will keep paint from soaking through a cloth to your flooring below. We’ve found that this hardworking paper makes a great protection when painting your home!

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