Incorporating Outdoor Art Into a Deck or Patio

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Outdoor Art-- A concrete planter console table by Kristin of The Hunted Interior

We’ve been rounding up some of our favorite ideas from the Patio Style Challenge, including creative ways to customize your patio furniture, how to bring lighting into your outdoor space, and even different types of fire pits that can warm up your outdoor living room. Today, we’re talking about adding outdoor art to a patio or deck!

Although it may seem like indoor spaces are the only areas that warrant art pieces, we loved the way our Style Challenge participants brought different kinds of “art” into their outdoor rooms to create focal points. Below are some of our favorite outdoor art ideas.


A number of our Style Challenge participants used round sunburst mirrors to make a big statement on a large expanse of wall. Whether it’s a bargain find or a DIY project, we love that it will reflect beautiful tree tops and sky from your surroundings, plus it just looks so chic!

In the photo above, Kristin of The Hunted Interior built a console table using cinder blocks for her outdoor room. To top it off, she included a large oil-rubbed bronze sunburst mirror. We love the large scale of the mirror in comparison to the DIY console table, and the way the round shape contrasts the square cinder blocks.

Outdoor Art -- A colorful poolside patio from Cassie of Hi Sugarplum blog

Cassie of Hi Sugarplum made the DIY sunburst mirror above using wood shims, hot glue, and a small convex mirror.

Outdoor Art-- Comfortable covered patio, designed by Erika of Blulabel Bungalow

While it’s not exactly a mirror, this antiqued wall clock has a similar feel to a sunburst mirror. Erika of BluLabel Bungalow hung it in the space she designed under her deck. It complements the square pillow forms but is still heavy enough to balance out the space.


Front porch dining area with outdoor art, from Grace of A Storied Style

In her space, Grace of A Storied Style incorporated a colorful abstract painting by Kristin Dowd into her outdoor space. She advises spraying it with a polyurethane protectant to prevent mold and mildew. The large painting gives this covered porch the feel of a proper indoor dining room, and we love the way the colors work with the slipcovers Grace chose for her dining set.


DIY wooden outdoor art piece makes a focal point on the patio of Dana from House*Tweaking

Near the French doors that lead out to her patio, Dana of House*Tweaking added a large DIY piece of art to create a pretty focal point. Using salvaged outdoor wood, she and her husband created the design and stained the piece in different shades to create dimension.

Outdoor Art -- DIY chalkboard created by Brittany of brittanyMakes

To fill an empty corner of her outdoor dining area, Brittany of brittanyMakes added a DIY chalkboard so that she could display the evening’s menu for guests. We love the way the robin’s egg blue frame works with the rest of her accents and the chalky texture it brings.


Outdoor Art -- A small vertical garden flanks the grill on the deck of Whitney of The Curtis Casa

In an outdoor space, it’s only natural to incorporate living things. Whitney of The Curtis Casa added a vertical garden to her grilling area. It provides such a fresh, bright focal point next to the window that it can’t help but be charming!

Outdoor Art -- Vertical garden made from a shipping pallet on the front porch of Grace of A Storied Style

Similarly, but on a much larger scale, Grace of A Storied Style turned a shipping pallet into a clever vertical garden. What a bold statement it makes on this covered front porch!

All of our talented Style Challenge bloggers designed spaces that fit their needs but also suited their personalities. Among the 18 different spaces in our Style Challenge, you’re sure to find one that suits your style. For more patio inspiration, go browse them all! And follow our Home Depot Style Challenge board on Pinterest, too, for new decorating ideas.

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