Organization Tips to Make Your Holiday Decor Cleanup Easier

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Christmas Day has come and gone, and now it’s time to pack up all of your holiday decorations until next year.  Here are some tips and ideas to make the process of storing your Christmas decorations a bit easier:

Christmas Trees
Contrary to popular belief, you should not repack your artificial tree into the same box it came in. Cardboard boxes tend to deteriorate, making them prone to insect infestation. Think about investing in a Christmas tree bag to keep your artificial tree looking like new for years to come.

Christmas Lights
After removing lights from your Christmas tree, railings and/or outdoor areas, carefully weave strands back into their original packaging, making sure to check for any individual bulbs that are damaged or burned out. Christmas lights can also be stored using empty wrapping paper tubes – simply cut a small slit in each end of the tube to secure the beginning and end of the strand, wrapping lights around the tube itself. Stack lights on top of one another in a plastic storage box.

Wrap your wreath in a heavy duty plastic bag and place in a large, flat storage container. Simply slide the container underneath a bed or sofa until next year. Alternatively, try hanging your wrapped wreath on a hook in your attic or storage space.

Christmas Ornaments
Delicate or glass ornaments should be individually wrapped in tissue paper and placed back into the original packaging. Smaller ornaments may also be stored in an empty egg carton (and should be individually wrapped as well).

Wrap your candles in socks or stockings to prevent any nicks or scratches on the surface. Traditional candles should be stored in a cool, dry area to prevent possible melting throughout the warmer months. LED candles should be wrapped and stored in a drawer or cabinet.

Be sure to label each box, bin or bag prior to storage so you know exactly what the contents are Label boxes ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ to make separating decorations effortless, so that putting up holiday décor next year is easy and stress-free.

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