Napkin Rings for Your Next Dinner Party

Article Posted By: Caroline Inge

of The Home Depot

Repurpose a copper pipe fitting as a napkin ring

Copper Napkin Rings Add Flair to Your Table

We love the idea of taking a very common material and using it in a very uncommon way, like making unusual napkin rings for your next dinner party. Which brings us around to the topic at hand: copper pipe fittings.

Copper is such a gorgeous metal. Not only does it have a rich, warm color when new, but this metal ages beautifully.

Next time you are in the plumbing aisle browsing for interesting entertaining ideas, how about picking up some simple napkin rings for less than $4.00?

Repurpose a copper pipe fitting as a napkin ring

Simply roll your napkins up tightly, and slip them through the pipe coupling. Voilà! A beautiful metallic napkin ring.

You can use these napkin rings to add a little shine to your everyday place settings, or to inspire an entire copper color palette at your next dinner party. If you’re interested in giving the copper a nice patina before using them, use a combination of vinegar, ammonia, and salt to give the copper a green powdery finish using this faux aging method.

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