Water Filtration: More Ways to Get Pure, Clean Water

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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Infographic of ways to filter water in the home

Pure, clean water is right at the center of a healthy home, keeping your family hydrated, not to mention clean.

But that’s not always what comes out when you turn on your tap. The EPA has recognized many types of impurities in drinking water supplies, from chemicals like herbicides and pesticides to lead, which can enter through the corrosion of plumbing, to even parasites and industrial by-products. (To check the purity of drinking water in your area, search for your state’s “Source Water Assessment.”)

The Home Depot has more Water Filters and Dispensers solutions than you might think to filter out the impurities and bring more pure, clean stuff into your life.

Types of Filters

1.  Pour-Through Pitchers

The simple, no-installation-required water pitcher with built-in filter is great for those who live in apartments or don’t want the commitment of a more permanent system. Many of these filters use carbon-spun fiber to filter out chlorine taste and odor and other contaminants specified by the manufacturer. Sizes range from a five-glass slim pitcher to a larger 23-cup dispenser.

2. Faucet-Mount Filters

These filters often use the same technology as a pour-through pitcher, but the mechanism is attached right to the spigot, making it far easier to get filtered water for all of your daily kitchen tasks. Some Faucet-Mount filters can easily be flipped on and off, and some models have the ability to produce different types of water streams.

3. Refrigerator Systems

Many higher-end fridges now come with built-in water filtration systems, including some that use filtered water to create ice, a water product that tends to slip people’s minds. You’ll reduce the chlorine odor and taste in your water as well as get cleaner, better-tasting H2O at the push of a button. Look for models with a quick replace filter so you’ll have less hassle when its time to change it out.

4. Whole House Filtration

These larger filters hook up directly to the water supply. In addition to less hassle, there are some surprising benefits from having clean water at every source. Those with hard water report that having filtered water in the laundry room gives them better smelling laundry that fades less and even uses less soap. You might be amazed by the convenience of getting filtered water straight from the bathroom sink for teeth brushing and late-night sips.

In addition, these whole house systems reduce the accumulation of dirt, sediment, sand and rust in your appliances and plumbing system. Many have a shut-off or bypass valve so you can switch the flow when you need to change the filter.  You’ll need plumbing knowledge to install this system, or get a pro to install it for you.

5. Under-Sink Systems

Getting filtered water right out of the kitchen sink is without a doubt convenient, which means your family will tend to use it more. As with other filters, customers report saving major cash on bottled water with these units. You’ll need some basic plumbing knowledge to install these systems.

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