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Homemade Halloween ghosts made from cheese cloth

The how-to experts who answer questions on our online How-To Community Forums get positively giddy when Halloween comes around. These crafty tool slingers love creating homemade Halloween decorations. Some lean toward the spooky side, like a giant spider for your front yard, but here’s a look at a couple of projects that are more cute than blood-curdling.

Homemade Halloween Decorations — Cheese Cloth Ghosts

Above, we see the darling collection of little ghosties created by Home Depot associate Christine.

They’re made much as you would a papier-mâché project, but instead of paper, you’ll use cheesecloth. The craft project starts with creating a small ghost-shaped form from a balloon and some cardboard. Then you soak some cheesecloth in glue, wring it out, and then drape the cheese cloth over the form. Once it has dried and stiffened, just add some felt eyes and a mouth. You’ll have a cute and creative homemade Halloween decoration for your Halloween party.

It’s an easy project that you might even do with kids, and it only costs a few dollars. See the complete step-by-step instructions and materials list for the Cheese Cloth Ghosts on the Forums.

Homemade Halloween Decorations — Plywood Blood Puddle

This Halloween project by Home Depot associate, Joe, is also very simple to make, and it’s so clever. It’s a not-so-scary “blood puddle” that’s made from a piece of plywood.

A fake and not so scary blood puddle made from plywood

This easy project does require using a power jigsaw and a power sander, but Joe has a couple of suggestions in case you don’t have those tools. All it takes is cutting out your puddle shape, sanding the rough edges and then giving it a bloody red paint job. Joe used a Martha Stewart paint color with the very not-bloody name: Ladybug.

Take at look at Joe’s complete instructions for the Plywood Blood Puddle project for the details. You’ll also see his rather unexpected use for this project in his office.

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