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We’ve invited lifestyle and décor bloggers to give us their take on The Home Depot’s monthly Do-It-Herself Workshops. Recently, the DIH Workshop in Home Depot stores across the country focused on making a Pinterest-inspired Monogram Wreath.

Here, Aimee Lane of It’s Overflowing shares her Monogram Wreath tutorial. It’s a cute and clever “wreath” to welcome guests into your home over the holiday season. This simple DIY project uses wood, a DREMEL Multi-Max Power Tool, spray paint, and a few Christmas sprigs.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial by Aimee Lane of ItsOverflowing


A wreath is the perfect way to welcome friends and family into your home. I am so excited to show you, in a few easy steps, how to make a pretty, personalized wreath to enjoy throughout the holidays. I am a huge fan of anything monogrammed, and the beauty of this monogram wreath is it can be adapted to work in every season!

Warning, something that looks this good and takes such little effort can be a little addicting – one may not be enough!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 2-3 hours, not including drying time
Cost: About $40

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Using a straight edge as a guide, draw on the MDF the letter you want to use to create a monogram wreath. I made my letter 12 inches by 18 inches, but the beauty of a DIY project is you can create what works best for your home– small or large.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Measuring where to cut

Step 2

Cut your letter out of the MDF using a DREMEL Multi-Max with the cutting attachment. I made two passes along the wood with my power tool-– the first to score the letter, the second to cut it out.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Cutting the MDF with a Dremmel tool

Step 3

Switch to the sanding accessory on your DREMEL and use the power sander to smooth all edges and sides.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Smoothing the edges with a Dremmel tool

Step 4

Cover your work area.  Shake a can of Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Spray Paint, white. Then, holding the can upright 10 inches from the wood letter, spray in a steady motion. Keep the paint thin and add additional coats a few minutes apart until covered. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Spray painting the monogram cut out

Step 5

Use the Chevron FROG TAPE to create a fun pattern on the letter. FROG TAPE keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp. Just be sure to secure the tape firmly with your fingers.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Applying chevron Frog Tape

Step 6

Now you’re ready to add the contrast color to your monogram. Shake the can of Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Spray Paint, aqua. Then holding the can upright 10 inches away from the wooden letter, spray in a steady motion. Keep the paint thin and add additional coats a few minutes apart until covered.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Painting the monogram a contrasting color

Step 7

Remove the tape as soon as you are done painting and enjoy super fun results!

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Removing the Frog Tape

Step 8

The Christmas greenery below came from a Martha Stewart Kissing Ball and are secured with a hot glue gun. I like to look through the seasonal aisles at The Home Depot in search of products that I can take apart and use to add small touches throughout my house.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial: Adding seasonal decorations

And that’s it! The wreath is ready to lean on the mantel, be hung in front of a mirror or welcome guests at your front door.

Monogram Wreath Tutorial

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Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshops are free, they’re very informative and a whole lot of fun. Go to The Home Depot’s Workshops to find out more about the upcoming DIH Workshop and reserve your spot.

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