Don’t Let the Campsite Go Dark – LED Lanterns and Solar Lights to Take Along

Article Posted By: Chante LaGon

Coleman Micro LED Yellow Lantern lighting up a wall at night

A flashlight is a minimum requirement when you’re on a camping trip. And flashlights have come a long way in recent years, with extra-long battery life and super inexpensive two-for-one packs (complete with batteries already installed). But these days LED lanterns and solar lights provide more light, more reliably and more cheaply than ever. And as we’ll see, they can even provide a level of glamour that will easily turn your camping trip into full-on “glamping.”

Here are a few we used to brighten up our campsite recently. You’ll find them useful for lighting up your patio or deck at home, too!

We love the dual uses — or should we say quadruple uses — for the Coleman Dual LED Lantern. When it’s time for some solo exploring, or you need to light the way to the restroom, pop off one of the four mini-lights for a personal flashlight. All in one, the lights combine for a brightness that can light up a room-sized area — for up to 75 hours! We used a gear tie to keep our lantern in place and on our deck.

Coleman Dual LED Lantern hanging from post with a gear tie

Two Coleman Dual LED Lanterns on a table at night

Instead of leaving your drink of choice to chance, grab the one you want with help from a lantern by the cooler. The Ryobi 18-Volt One+ LED Workshop Light has high and low brightness settings so you won’t outshine everyone’s sleep if you turn it on overnight.

Ryobi 18-Volt One+ LED Workshop Light propped on edge of cooler with canned beverages

There’s definitely a place for utility when it comes to campsite lighting. But decorative LED lanterns and solar lights can be just as useful, especially if you’re glamping. Pillar candles (with a timer!) and tealights add soft light and create ambiance in your space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anything catching fire since they’re flameless.

LED pillar candles, tea lights and lanterns lighting up a bed canopy at night

The Vintage Silver Art Glass Large Table Top Solar LED Lantern looks just as lovely in the daytime as it does at night. Don’t forget to leave it outside in the sun to charge it up!

Trendscape Solar LED Mercury light sitting on a table at night

Take things up a notch in terms of both size and style with this 1-Light Solar Black Decorative Lantern. Use it as a lovely focal point in your campsite during the day. Turn it on for a warm glow at night.

Hampton Bay Solar Decorative Lantern inside a yurt at night

Now that we have your campsite and back deck lighting taken care of, check out more ideas for camping (and glamping) essentials here on the Home Depot blog. And be sure to follow our Summer Activities board on Pinterest.

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