Lawn Sprinklers 101

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A lush, green, healthy lawn is the foundation for your home’s overall curb appeal. And, with the proper watering, feeding and maintenance, your lawn will surely attract many admirers. The right sprinkler or irrigation system will not only keep your lawn attractive and well-hydrated, you’ll also waste less water and help preserve one of our planet’s most vital resources.

With the wide range of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems currently available, we asked Coach Dave from The Home Depot Community Forums to give us a short video overview of some of the more popular models. From the oscillating and rotating sprinklers that many of us played in as children, to the all too familiar impact sprinklers that shoot constant streams of water across the lawn, to those sneaky in-ground automatic sprinkler systems that always seem to pop up just when you least expect, we cover all your options.

Plus, you’ll learn about planning and installing an in-ground sprinkler system as well as become familiar with the various types of timers, valves, PVC pipes and fittings and sprinkler heads that can be used to set up these systems.

For more on lawn sprinklers, be sure to check out our sprinklers buying guide, and for all your other lawn care and outdoor power equipment needs — from mowers, trimmers and edgers, leaf blowers and more — visit us online or at your local Home Depot store.

We have more videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

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