Travel Nostalgia Comes Through in Vintage Décor

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of The Home Depot

montage of vintage-inspired travel items from The Home Decorators Collection

Travel Nostalgia Comes Through in Vintage Décor

We love travel-related vintage décor from The Home Decorator’s Collection. Whether packing up your bag to head to exotic lands or hitting a stretch of the open road, there’s an excitement in travel that begs for a little nostalgia.  These items add a touch of adventure to a space—whether it’s a rustic loft or a stately, cushioned study.

Top row (left to right):

There are hundreds of customizable vintage posters in this collection, including our favorite for mentally sailing away: romantic Marseille in southern France. The rich colors in this stylish Art Deco-era print make us think of a warm summer night and a cool ocean breeze.

These decorative Canvas Wood Trunks give the home a worldly air. Perhaps they have imagined lives on an African safari or in a voyage across the Atlantic. Either way, they look smashing, while providing a space for scarves, throw blankets or any items that need stashing.

Middle row (left to right):

These vintage-inspired Explorer Binoculars look like they’d be at home in a 1950s seaside lookout. Put them on a bookshelf or perch on the corner of a mantle, to give the room a sophisticated, worldly air.

These decorative Vintage Camera Boxes exude a little bit of thrift store cool and a dash of Audrey Hepburn’s style in Roman Holiday. The interesting details will get guests reminiscing.

Bottom row (left to right):

These distressed, rustic Eiffel Tower Coasters offer a twist on the iconic symbol of Paris (and of love, by the way), showing the tower in eight stages of construction. The antique script above the image adds to the charm. Note: Although these coasters are no longer available, these Ivory and Green Global Coasters have a similar feel.

Give the globe a spin to pick your next adventure? The subdued, antique tones of the Colonies Globe are accented by the contemporary nickel base. It should inspire wanderlust just sitting on the desktop.

Put yourself in midtown Manhattan with this N.Y. Wall Art, a bold typographic piece that conjures many of the city’s charms. It would look striking and urbane in an entryway. Note: Although this piece is no longer available, this New York Scene framed, printed wall art set captures the beauty of New York City as well.

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