Inspired: Creepy and Colorful Halloween Decorations for Your Front Door

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Halloween decorations for the front door

There always seems to be a fork in the (dark, spooky) road when choosing Halloween decorations. Do you try to lure the goths and the vampires with a macabre set-up that will make skin prickle? Or do you play to the pudgy pumpkins and bumble bees with a happier orange-and-black scheme? This pleasing front door scene in this inspiration board strikes the right balance for a whole neighborhood of treat seekers.


Peering from an inconspicuous front window, the WOWindow Menacing Mummy poster is a quick touch that’s deeply creepy. The realistic detail of the translucent poster might even startle you when you return late from a Halloween bash.

One way to give your harvest scene an instant upgrade is to switch out your lantern or lighting fixtures. The World Imports Chatham Collection French Bronze Chandelier Lantern has an old-world charm that placed in a Halloween context evokes vintage horror movies with its candelabra enclosed in glass.

A slyly placed Hanging Cocoon Ghoul is sure to wig out even the coolest of teenage tricksters. The life-size goon is hemmed up in thin, gauzy material that makes it appear that it’s been mummified by a larger than life-sized spider. And, best part, the interior monster vibrates and shakes giving the impression that he’s trying to escape.


If you aren’t ready to put hours into a haunted house that will make the neighbors line up, try this trick: Place a few Spooky Tombstone Sculptures around the yard, giving your place the appearance of an abandoned cemetery (yes, the less kept your yard, the better!). Scatter some dirt around the graves to make it look as if those sleeping beneath made an escape.

The Pre-Lit Halloween Tree with Orange Lights and Blossom Reflectors, with its 240 LED lights, casts a warm, pumpkin-y glow into the deep, black night — all while avoiding a laborious task of stringing up lights.

The talented associates at our Garden Club put together this lively, Halloween-perfect project using black and orange pansies in a natural basket. Check out the instructions for creating this black and orange pansy basket.

We love that the Fall Fiesta Dried Floral Wreath is handcrafted with dyed cornhusks. When the vibrant harvest colors are collected they create quite a visual impact.


Did you know you can pick up pumpkins at your local Home Depot store to complete your front door scene? Yep, we’ve got bins of the pudgy plump ones piled up and ready for you to harvest.

Swap out your front door mat to give the entire scene a facelift instantly. The Creative Accents Single Picture Frame Door Mat is a tasteful complement with its simple black design.

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