Ingenious Homemade Halloween Decorations

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of Senior Editor, The Home Depot Blog

Two homemade Halloween decorations-- tomb stones made from foamboard

 It’s an amazing thing to behold — the ingenious homemade Halloween decorations that our Home Depot Community associates come up with. They are posting the how-to instructions for these Halloween projects on The Home Depot’s How-To Community Forums.

Every Halloween yard display needs gravestones. The Home Depot’s ChrisFixit shows us how to create some surprisingly realistic tombstones made from simple foamboard. They look authentically aged and worn, and they’re light and easy to store, too, once attention starts to turn to Thanksgiving.

ChrisFixit lays out the list of tools and materials, and provides all the steps to complete the project, including how to cut the foamboard into a tombstone shape, how to “engrave” the inscription, and then he explains how to paint the tombstone to look like weathered stone.

Meanwhile, The Home Depot’s Christine Claret has a very cute contribution to the homemade Halloween decorations — a scarecrow.

A homemade Halloween decoration scarecrow

This project is actually an excellent yard decoration for the entire fall harvest season. It’s also a good decoration to have up your sleeve for the autumn festival at your child’s school… or even for scaring crows.

It’s nice to have the basics of how to put the scarecrow together already thought out so you can focus on your own creative ideas of how to dress him or her. Christine also explains how to make the legs look full and more realistic. (It’s in how the pants are attached to the frame.)

Check out some of our other DIY Halloween projects, including instructions on how to create a cool, glowing wizard’s staff and a giant spider made from PVC pipe. We’ll be adding even more Halloween projects there in the future.

And take a look at our Holiday Decorations page for more Halloween decorations to go with your homemade Halloween decorations.

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