In The Wild: Last-Minute Projects

Article Posted By: Caroline Inge

of The Home Depot

Completing a project just before the holidays, photo submitted by Instagram user bretteddy

While browsing through the photos that our readers shared with us (using the #homedepot hashtag), we were surprised to find that many of you are still tackling last-minute projects before the all-consuming festivities of the holidays. Good for you! In this week’s installment of our In The Wild series, we rounded up photos that capture the last-minute rush to shop for project supplies, whether that project is making homemade holiday gifts or completing around-the-house updates before guests arrive.

Above: bretteddy to Instagram

Last minute craft project from instagram user msslloyd

By msslloyd on Instagram

Instagram user msslloyd writes, “The beginning of several craft projects. My inspiration, shopping! #inspired #art #crafts #wood #HomeDepot”

Last minute painting project from Instagram user namechangegoeshere

By beachbum561fla to Instagram

Instagram user beachbum561fla writes, “Today’s job is the #bedroom. Will be painted ‘Porpoise Gray’ from #homedepot. Luckily I have my little #helper today #Roxy!”

Last minute project from Instagram user digicouture

By digicouture to Instagram

Instagram user digicouture writes, “I’m toootalllly going to build something.”

Last minute project from Instagram user lelizk35

By lelizk35 to Instagram

Instagram user lelizk35 writes, “A little Home Depot run for a Christmas present project… : ) #homemade #homedepot”

Do you have adorable, crazy or fun photos to share with us from your local Home Depot or of your latest Home Depot project? Just tag them with #homedepot on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, and we’ll look for you! Or leave us a message in the comment section. And check more of our In the Wild photos.


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