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Bucket gardening with Home Buckets

Whoever said you needed a backyard to grow your own garden was wrong! It’s no secret that most plants can adapt to growing in a container. Many vegetables, herbs, and even some shrubs or trees can actually thrive in buckets.

A 5-gallon bucket not only provides a low-cost solution, but also, accommodates healthy plants with big root systems or works as a great container for transporting. With so many advantages to benefit from, who doesn’t want to flex their green thumb and stay under budget? Check out all these unique ways people are using Homer Buckets for bucket gardening! Orange and green never looked better.

Above: Kathy Kimpel on Flickr shows us how growing tomato plants upside down helps keeps small pests away.

“Our first red tomato from our Home Depot bucket tomato experiment,” says the KnorQ Kitchen blog. “Our vegetable garden doesn’t get much sun due to the large firs in the backyard so I want[ed] to plant at least a couple of tomatoes that will actually get some sun.”

Gardeniere Pamela Reed shows us how to grow strawberries by the pound from the rooftops of Brooklyn. With bucket gardening, you don’t need a field, or a large vegetable garden, just a simple container, like a 5-gallon bucket.

Until replanted outdoors or in larger containers, Homer Buckets are the perfect temporary home for coconut palms.

Talk about enjoying the fruits of your labor! Homer Buckets are also great containers for harvesting. Williewoodhead says, “Another #HomerBucket from @homedepot filled with #peppers #cucumbers #tomatoes #jalapenos. My #garden has been killing it this year.”

Justin and Cassity from Remodelaholic say, “This is the miracle grow garden soil that we used to help the plants thrive. It tells you on each bag how much soil to buy for the size of garden that you have. The Homer Bucket was nice for toting around while planting!”

“These were made from Homer buckets from the Home Depot…as you may or may not see here, the plants have grown over the 5 foot tomato cages inserted into the buckets, and have flopped over and grown to the ground,” says John on Flickr.

Sarah says, “After a week of being in full-sun and being watered everyday, I had sprouts! The lesson to be learned – If I can do it, so can you!”

Orange Homer buckets are also a great solution for first-time gardeners. “Since last year was our third try at container gardening my husband wasn’t convinced that it was going to go very well,” says Chelsea. “Therefore, he wouldn’t allow me to get crazy with the look of our garden.”

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