How-To: Use Your Chainsaw Safely and Correctly

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Now that in many parts of the country spring is finally making a fight to breakthrough the last of winter, many of you will have issues with trees.  Yes, trees.

Spring storms, rains and flooding bring down more trees  than any other time of year.  Before you get the chainsaw out and start hacking away at the tree that’s fallen onto your fence or backyard, please take a minute to watch this video on how to use your chainsaw safely and correctly!

If you don’t have the proper tools that you need to cleanup up when a tree comes down onto your property, you can always find the right outdoor power tools for the job at The Home Depot.  (Check out our Chainsaw buying guide to get started) If you don’t want to invest in your own chainsaw, stump grinder, etc., you can always rent these tools from many of our Home Depot Tool Rental Centers near you.

Be safe!

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