How to Make a String of Bunting Flags

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DIY Bunting Banner for your Tailgating Party

Bunting flags have been all the rage in the blog world the last few months. Stringing up pennants is a great way to decorate birthday parties, wedding and baby showers and picnics… and, of course, tailgating parties. We have an easy way for you to make your own flag bunting. This is an easy afternoon DIY project that costs under $20!

Just follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own string of bunting flags.

Tailgating Bunting Banner | Supplies

To make this pennant banner, you’ll need the following supplies:

Step 1:

Begin by measuring out the bunting flags from the drop cloth. Our triangular bunting pennants measured 9 inches wide and 10 inches long. First make a large pencil mark every 9 inches along the edge of the drop cloth to indicate the width of each flag. You’ll also want to place a small mark halfway (4 ½ inches) between each of the long marks. These small marks will indicate the mid-line of each pennant.

Bunting banner | Measure

Step 2:

In the photo above, you can see that at the 4 ½-inch marks I used a carpenter’s square to help me draw a straight 90-degree lines from the edge of the drop cloth. Then I used the straight edge of the carpenter’s square to connect my marks, outlining each of the bunting flags.

Bunting banner | begin cutting triangles with pinking shears

Bunting banner | begin cutting triangles with pinking shears

Step 3:

Cut along the zig-zag line with pinking shears to create ten flags. Then use a straight edge to draw a guide line, and cut out ten more flags from the zig-zag edge of the canvas.

Bunting banner | divide triangles in half

Step 4:

For our string of pennants, we wanted the color of the flags to alternate between red and the natural color of the canvas, so we only dyed 10 of them.

Bunting banner | dye drop cloth triangles

Dye the flags according to the instructions on the dye package. (We used a 5-gallon Homer Bucket to soak the flags, of course.)

Bunting banner | let died triangles dry

Following the dye instructions, we let the flags air dry on a drying rack.

Iron bunting banner triangles

Step 5:

Just to be sure our banner was fresh and crisp, we gave each flag a quick ironing to get out the wrinkles.

Tailgating bunting banner

Step 6:

You can do the final assembly at your tailgating or party location. Simply clip the triangles to the jute twine using the wood clothespins. Secure the ends of the twine to your tailgate canopy table.

If you’re displaying your bunting flags at an indoor party, you can string them across a door frame, or from the ceiling. One good thing about this bunting banner is that the length can be customized for each occasion and space. Just keep your extra pennants on hand.

DIY Bunting Banner for your tailgate

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