How to Make a Chalkboard Paint A-Frame Sign for Tailgating

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A chalkboard paint sign at tailgating

If you need to keep tabs on wins and losses, shout out a major victory or just let everyone know the “daily specials” that will be rotating on the grill, the sandwich board sign with chalkboard paint is a simple DIY solution that great for a tailgating get-together. Follow these step-by-step instructions for a hardworking, versatile board that you’ll use time and again.

Items needed to make chalk sandwich board sign

Here’s what you’ll need to build this A-frame sign

Paint plywood with chalkboard paint

Step 1:

Paint at least one side of each piece of plywood with the chalkboard paint and allow to thoroughly dry.

Measure the plywood before drilling

Step 2:

Lay the wood out on the floor with the inside facing up. Mark the wood with a pencil so you know where you need to drill the holes.

Drill a hole in the chalk sandwich board

Step 3:

Find the correct size drill bit for your nuts and bolts. (Ours was 3/8-inch.) Drill away.

Attach the hinges to the chalk sandwich board

Step 4:

Lay the pieces back down with the inside facing up and the tops touching each other. Place the bolts in the holes to attach the hinges.

Teigten the bolt on the outside on the chalk sandwich board

Step 5:

Carefully stand the board up and use a wrench to attach the bolts to the outside. Use regular chalk to shout-out your message.

A chalkboard paint sign

Enjoy this versatile sign at your next tailgating party–or at any picnic or event where you need to direct a crowd.

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