From the Forums: How to Lay Pavers Over Existing Concrete

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A beautiful backyard patio made of pavers, illustrating how to lay pavers on concrete

Using concrete pavers, or paving stones, is a cost-effective way to build a patio for your back yard. Pavers also have a little more visual appeal than your standard concrete patio, so a lot of homeowners decide they’ll use pavers to upgrade their old patio. And this leads them to a common question heard in the aisles of Home Depot stores across the country: “Can I lay pavers on top of an existing concrete patio?

That’s the question posed in the virtual Home Depot aisles of our online Community Forums by canyongirl.

The answer is yes, you certainly can lay paving stones over an existing concrete patio. Home Depot associate HDwetPaint explained the basics on how to lay pavers over concrete.

“To start things off, it’s important to make sure that the existing porch is level and in relatively good shape. Depending on the condition of the patio, it may be best to lay a thin layer of concrete to patch and level before applying your gravel/bedding sand. The gravel/bedding sand is used to allow for drainage, settling, and the expansion and contraction of the bricks.”

Drainage might be the biggest concern when you’re covering your old concrete patio with pavers. In canyongirl’s case, she said her patio already leaned a little away from her house, which is good. In the event a patio needs leveling, it’s probably fine to do that with the bedding sand.

As you can see from the photo above, canyongirl’s new paver stone patio was a complete success. She even added an attractive firepit to her patio, and a wall against a flower bed a bit higher on the slope of her yard. We don’t have any before photos of her back yard, but there’s no question the paver patio is a lot more attractive than a bare concrete slab. (And thank you, canyongirl, for posting the photo on the Forums for all to see!)

HDwetPaint goes into a little more detail about how to lay pavers on a concrete patio. Read it on the Forums.

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