How To Clean Your Grill

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All summer long you have enjoyed nights of cookouts, meats and veggies grilled to perfection, and perhaps even deviated from your old faithful recipes and experimented with your outdoor cooking this year. Either way, your grill now has a season’s worth of deliciously hard work to clean up. It’s important to know how to clean your grill. This video tutorial will help you get your grill clean, sparkly, and ready to store for the season. Remember, if you have a gas grill, you will have to remove some pieces of the grill in order to have access to the burners.

To start, remove the cooking grates. You can just set them to the side for now. You will want to clean the undercarriage of the grill, including the sides and don’t forget the area around the burners. Start by using a spatula to remove old food, dirt, and grease. These remnants are safe to put in the garbage.

Once you have disposed of the excess food and grime, spray the undercarriage with an all-purpose cleaner. This will help cut through any leftover grease and dirt. You can wipe up cleaner with an old towel or sponge.

While cleaning the undercarriage don’t forget to clean the burners and make sure that they aren’t damaged in any way.

Next you will want to clean the grates. First, you will want to use a stiff wire brush to get off any caked on food particles. Next, use a mixture of soap and warm water and a scrub brush to clean off the grates. Let them air dry or use an old towel.

Once you have finished cleaning the grates, wipe them down with a little oil to keep them from rusting over the winter.

For the outside of your grill, you will want to use a glass cleaner or stainless steel cleaning spray. Make sure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe the grill and it’s side-trays down. Use a broom to get off any spider webs that may be on the back of your grill. Once you are done, cover the grill to keep exposure to the elements at a minimum.

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