How Many Burgers Fit on Your Grill?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

How many burgers can you fit on your grill?

The best burger parties are always the ones that aren’t planned. The team takes home an unexpected victory. You and your co-workers decide work is over at 4 p.m. You decide to pack up the car and camp under the stars–tonight. How many burgers could you fire up to please a hungry crowd at a moment’s notice? We took a look at some of The Home Depot’s best selling grills of various sizes to see how many summer revelers you could serve to at once.

We were generous with our burger size–a whopping 4-inch patty should put a smile on most faces–and we were sure to give our burgers plenty of space, leaving two inches around the perimeter of the grates and one inch of breathing room around each patty. Crowding the burgers can lead to flipping fumbles as well as uneven cooking.

If you don’t have enough room on your outdoor cooking machine to match an outsized party? No worries, the second round won’t take long.

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