In The Wild: Unique Uses for Home Depot Buckets

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Five-gallon buckets are quite possibly one of the best items you can have ready in your toolbox. With so many different types to choose from, a handy bucket needs to be versatile enough to fit a multitude of needs. Of the most inexpensive and common bucket is the plastic variety. Plastic buckets are just about great for everything from washing cars to carrying toys or completing several tasks a once.

Some would even go so far as to say there isn’t a whole lot to a bucket. But buy one or a hundred and you might just end up using them all! Check out this behind the scenes look at all the unique ways people are using Home Depot buckets, aka Homer Buckets, in their homes and in their daily lives.

Above: @ellianbell on Instagram says, “The ultimate Canadian BBQ with the #Leafs Hockey game streaming, fire pit and the #HomeDepot condiments bucket.”

Buckets used for a chicken coop

By Liz from Home Depot store #1380

All egg laying chickens need a comfortable place to sit. Not every DIY chicken coop has any easy solution, but Homer Buckets sure do make great nesting boxes!

Man plays a drum set made of Home Depot buckets on a city street-- By AR McLin on Flickr

By AR McLin on Flickr

AR McLin says, “This kid was outside of Seattle’s Westlake Center with a drum set he made himself. Yes, those are Home Depot buckets. He was busking to earn money for college. He was good, if a little repetitive.”

Home Depot buckets being used to create an unusual storage solution, by Mimi Destiny on Flickr

By Mimi Destiny on Flickr

All you need are zip ties, eye hooks, cord and Home Depot buckets for this clever storage solution! Mimi Destiny says, “DIY Homer Bucket temporary expandable hanging closet. Its loaded up and I want to expand it. There is a bit of stretching on the top buckets.”

A Home Depot bucket holds wrapping paper rolls in a well organized craft room, by Tami from the Curb Alert blog

By Tami from the Curb Alert blog

“Here is my version of how to organize a small space. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular unless ribbons, knickknacks, imagination and craftastic things get you excited like me,” says Curb Alert blogger, Tami. “The perfect little spot for my craft supplies. Check out my fancy system for wrapping paper!  Home Depot bucket to the rescue!”

A person soaks his injured ankle in a Home Depot bucket full of ice water, by @pioneerqb4 on Instagram

By @pioneerqb4 on Instagram

If you’ve ever played a sport, then you know that an ice bath after exercise is a must for relieving tension and pain. Pioneerqb4 says, “the worst part of an ankle injury… #cold #painful #orangebucket.” We’re certainly wishing you a speedy recovery!

Orange Home Depot buckets being used in a game of "bucket pong", by Payton Mihalik

By Payton Mihalik

And who said buckets weren’t fun? A good ole game of bucket pong holds up to 5 gallons of memories and good times with friends or family.

An orange Home Depot bucket is used to hold shoes, by @tinzleyb on Twitter

By @tinzleyb on Twitter

Tinzley says, “I use my Home Depot Homer Bucket as a shoe bin! How do you use your Homer Buckets? #WomenDoThingsDifferently.”

An orange Home Depot bucket is used for washing dishes at a campsite

A basic bucket or pail takes on an extraordinary number of uses around the house and especially around a campsite! Fill one with soapy water and another with fresh water for a mobile dishwashing station.

A Home Depot bucket is used to hold up a tiki torch, by @munchkin254 on Instagram

By @munchkin254 on Instagram

Sometimes tiki torches don’t stake in the ground. When planning your party atmosphere, use buckets to hold torches to prevent them from tipping over. Munchkin254 says, “another good use for a #HomerBucket when you have a small yard #HomeDepot.”

Have you spotted a Homer Bucket? Perhaps you’ve used one in your latest Home Depot project or have even seen them being used by others “in the wild.” Share them with us by tagging them with #LetsDoThis on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr! Or leave us a message in the comment section. And check more of our In the Wild photos.

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