In The Wild: Home Depot Buckets and DIY Projects

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A DIYer refinishes a bar stool, with her Home Depot bucket by her side

It’s no surprise that our 5-gallon Homer Bucket is a DIYer’s all-purpose best friend! No matter how big a challenge or how small the task, our bucket is here to help you turn your projects from to-do to ta-da.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at all the fun projects people are accomplishing with their Homer Buckets! From hauling parts to mixing paint and dispensing topsoil – there are infinite DIY possibilities. If these Home Depot buckets could talk, they’d say, “Let’s do this!” and to which you’d ask yourself, “What’s next on my bucket list?”

Above: A DIYer in action refurbishes a pair of bar stools, trusty bucket by her side. 

A DIYer renovates his bathroom, with a Home Depot bucket at his side

By novavillella (from Home Depot store #0468) on Instagram

Homer Buckets certainly add a professional feel to any remodel. Home Depot associate novavillella says, “It’s been that kind of morning!” as he works on a bathroom renovation, pictured above.

Stacy Risenmay of Not Just A Housewife grouts a tile floor with a Home Depot bucket by her side

By Stacy Risenmay, Not Just A Housewife

Stacy Risenmay of Not Just A Housewife renovates her bathroom, with her Home Depot bucket by her side

By Stacy Risenmay, Not Just A Housewife

Above, DIY blogger Stacy makes tiling look easy! “My dream of having ONE fully functional bathroom is almost here…So I think I speak for my whole family when I say that we are THRILLED with the progress on our basement bathroom.”

Did you know you could turn your bucket into a wet/dry vacuum with one easy attachment? John says, Bucket Head™ is one of those simple inventions that makes you wonder how you’d previously gotten along without it…the overall compact size makes it easy to get it into tight spaces.”

Home Depot buckets being used in a DIY project

By Ryan Lange, Handmade America

Home Depot buckets being used in a DIY project

By Ryan Lange, Handmade America

Who knew buckets and cement would equal the coolest DIY bar stools since…well, the invention of bar stools? Ryan Lange says, “Earlier this week, a restaurant owner in Chicago hit me up and needed 6 simple bar stools ASAP. So I headed over to The Home Depot and perused the aisles for inspiration. That’s how The Home Depot Bucket Stool was born.” Check out his blog post on Handmade America for the Home Depot Bucket Stool tutorial.

Team Rubicon, a disaster relief group, unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. We’re certainly glad to see Homer Buckets being put to such good use in the important work Team Rubicon does.

Home Depot buckets sit in a special-built storage cabinet built by Reynolds Creations of Round Rock, Texas

By @reynoldscreations on Instagram

Above, Kenneth from Reynolds Creations of Round Rock, Texas creates a simple storage solution with cabinets. The Homer Buckets definitely add a nice touch to this woodworker’s masterpiece.

Home Depot buckets sit in the bed of a pick up truck

By @cummmin on Instagram

Spotted: A work truck filled with all the toolbox essentials, including three handy buckets.

A glass blower at work, with a Home Depot bucket at his side.

By Doug at Home Depot store #0255

Homer Buckets aren’t just for the nitty-gritty projects, but also for artisan trades too! Above, a hardworking gaffer next to his bucket at the Glass Studio & Hot Shop in Morean Arts Center  in St. Petersburg, Florida.

A restoration team working on a 1936 Oldsmobile uses a Homer Bucket to drain old gas. “Thought we’d replace the old seats with custom Home Depot bucket seats,” they say. We’re pretty sure they’re joking.

Have you spotted a Homer Bucket? Perhaps you’ve used one in your latest Home Depot project or have even seen them being used by others “in the wild.” Share them with us by tagging them with #LetsDoThis on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr! Or leave us a message in the comment section. And check more of our In the Wild photos.

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