Grill It: What's a Marinade Injector?

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A juicy piece of meat on the grill

Q: What’s a Marinade Injector?

A: Yes, it may look like a wacky science experiment, but if you want flavor to go deeper than just the surface, try using a special needle to inject marinade directly into your meat. The injector not only distributes flavor, it also makes the texture wonderfully supple. (The hole that pierces the meat is relatively small, so the juice and flavor don’t escape.) In addition, injecting marinade means it will work faster and waste less than the traditional throw-it-in-a-baggie method.

Oil the tip of the needle before the first injection. The idea is to get the marinade into as many parts of the meat as possible, so manufacturers recommend piercing the meat deeply with the needle in many places, slowly pushing in the plunger as you draw the needle back to the meat surface.

If you feel like a mad scientist, even better.

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