Grill It: Do I Need a Rotisserie?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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Chicken roasting on a grill rotisserie

Q: Do I Need a Rotisserie on My Grill?

A: You might hear chatter that rotisseries just aren’t necessary on grills. If the lid of the grill is closed, then the heat should be evenly distributed—so what’s the point of moving the meat around?

But spit-roasting is one of the oldest methods of cooking for good reason. Many say that meats are juicier when cooked on a rotisserie because the meat is “self-basting” as it moves around. And you’ll be turning the fire way down so that you’re “slow-roasting,” which leads to a juicier, even cook with a crispy outside.

Many grills have the option for a rotisserie attachment. Look for a strong, sturdy materials and a motor that’s built to last—and pay attention to the maximum weight so that you don’t overwhelm your rotisserie with too much meat.

Put a drip pan under your meat to avoid flare-ups. And, conveniently, the drippings are perfect for periodic basting.

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