Grill It: What's a Good Basting Brush?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

A basting brush next to the grill


A: Bristled brushes with natural fibers, which look like pastry brushes, tend to absorb lots of oil, which wastes some of your precious marinade. Grillers also report that these types of brushes sometimes leave “hairs” on the product–that’s never cute at a cook out.

Instead, think about getting a new-fangled silicone brush. The plastic bristles won’t fray or shed, and grillers report that they last longer. Also, the silicone bristles do not absorb odor, so you won’t have to worry if you grill up some maple pineapple one week and an herb-crusted steak the next. Silicone brushes are easier to clean as well since they’ve absorbed less of the marinade or oil.

Can’t find your brush? No worries. Use the leafy end of a bunch of celery stocks to brush on the goodness that keeps your meat moist.

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