Grill It: What Makes a Good Portable Grill?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

A small, portable grill on a tabletop

Q: What should I look for in a small, portable grill?

A: The best thing about grillers is that they will work their magic absolutely anywhere, undeterred by terrain or the elements. A boat, a fire escape, a rooftop, the beach. If you can get there, grilling can happen.

For portable grills, the golden combination is being lightweight and easy to tote while having the maximum amount of useable grate space. The Weber Smokey Joe is a no-nonsense favorite, with almost 150 square inches of grill space. For propane, the Cuisinart All Foods portable grill is a winner. If you are looking for something that you won’t have to hunch over, the Aussie Walk-a-Bout portable worked nicely at a recent BBQ: It folds up into an easy-to-roll suitcase and was big enough to feed a whole picnic party full of hungry people.

When choosing a portable grill, keep your location in mind. Most apartments don’t allow charcoal—along with some beaches and parks that don’t have facilities for hot coal disposal.

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