Grill It: What Are Some Surprising Things I Can Grill?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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Lettuce and meat on a grill

Q: I’m bored with burgers and dogs. What are some surprising things I can grill?

A: Ah, the world is yours, bored griller. We consulted some foodie types from around the web to come up with some ideas. The ravenous community at Chowhound agrees that romaine lettuce is a surprising hit. Cut the head in half, and then place the cut side on the grill. Serve with creamy Gorgonzola or peppered ranch dressing and croutons for a grilled wedge salad.

In addition to the often-forgotten vegetables, like portabellas, artichokes and asparagus, and fruits that grill well, like pineapple and peach, you can also grill hot peppers to make a mean salsa. Larger habaneros, chipotles and jalapenos are all wonderful. Also, try halving tomatillos and throwing them on the grates, then combining with garlic, cilantro, lime and jalapenos for another killer salsa.

Then, when you think you’ve run out of ideas, remember that there’s always pizza. Smoky grilled pizza on a special pizza stone can have an almost endless array of toppings.

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