Grill It: Propane Vs. Natural Gas

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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A gas grill

Q: What’s the difference between propane and natural gas?

A: As you might guess, natural gas comes from underground petroleum deposits. It’s captured as-is and sent to your home, usually through a piping system that’s run by a local utility company. Propane, on the other hand, is another type of natural fuel that goes through a distillation and treatment process before being put in those handy tanks that can be hooked up to a grill.

In terms of cooking techniques, you’ll find them pretty similar. A difference to note is that propane actually burns at a higher temperature than natural gas. Yep, the stuff in the tank actually puts out more BTUs than the same amount of natural gas. That’s why a grill would need to be retrofitted for natural gas if it isn’t made for that type of fuel. (A natural gas grill needs larger holes so that it can crank out the same heat as its propane brethren.)

And now you know!

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